ImproveMyCity for WeGovNow - Core Component

This is the core Joomla ImproveMyCity (IMC) component which is tailored to the WeGovNow platform requirements. It supports the core functionality of IMC without including any theme and template.

It contains all necessary updates (mainly in the back-end) to make this component WeGovNow compatible and also;

Note that the original ImproveMyCity uses Google Maps which have been removed and replaced both in front-end and back-end by OpenStreetMap (OSM)


WeGovNow IMC core component requires a Joomla CMS instance to be up and running. You can download Joomla CMS from its official website.

For security reasons, it is suggested to always install WeGovNow IMC core component in the latest Joomla version.


The WeGovNow IMC core component follows the installation guidelines of Joomla CMS.

1) Download the zip package and drag and drop to the Extensions: “Upload and Install Joomla Extensions”

Setting up

1) In “Menus” add “New Menu Item”

2) Give a title of your choice and in the “Menu Item Type” select “ImproveMyCity - Issues”

You need to define some options as well.

1) In IMC Configuration (Options) select the tab “WeGovNow settings”

2) In “InputMap domain” you should define your domain to allow the communication between WeGovNow InputMap and WeGovNow ImproveMyCity. An example domain could be:

3) You can also define the initial latitude, longitude, zoom factor and map language (e.g. it or en)


Each Municipality has its departments and its own hierarchy and categorisation of issues. Based on the requirements the following should be set.

1) Setup user groups (user refers to administrators and not UWUM users)

2) Setup administrator accounts and assign them to one or more groups

3) Define the desired categories and assign user groups (this group will be notified on new issues, etc)

4) Define the progress steps

5) Define the permissions per each group (ACL mechanism)

Download the source code at

Download the zip package ready to be installed as Joomla extension via the Joomla Installer GUI.